Benefits Of Team Building Activities

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To Bring People Together

Over the past several years, businesses have been seen to be moving towards workplaces where collaboration and cooperation between staff is the secret to success as opposed to the highly competitive work environments of yesteryear.

Companies have started undertaking regular team building activities as part of this change. The activities may range from a short, problem-solving activity to retreats that last a few days. While some people might view team building activities as a ‘nice break’ away from work, they actually have an important purpose, which is developing the knowledge and skills of your staff.

If you organise team building activities with a purpose and objectives behind planning them, your organisation will reap numerous benefits.

To Boost Productivity

Boosting productivity is one of the commonest goals of team building activities. Take the opportunities to identify ways of improving the 3 Ps (i.e. procedures, processed, and policies) likely to impact productivity. If you encourage employees to learn to work together in a more effective way and reduce duplication of effort, then employees will work more efficiently.

To Increase Motivation

Team building activities can be used for increasing employee motivation as well as the nurturing of a successful company culture in several ways. If a group of employees complete a team building activity successfully it helps create momentum and makes them feel good about themselves, it increases the confidence of employees in their own ability as well as that of the team, and also shows employees that the organisation is ready to invest in them.

To Increase Collaboration

Greater collaboration between employees is one of the key benefits of a planned team building activity that’s properly planned. Collaboration is about knowing who can answer what question or who has what knowledge, trusting them along with their experience and being able to access that individual when you actually need it. If you create activities that people experience and enjoy as a group, employees are able to build relationships and establish networks of contacts beyond their everyday role that can help them in the future.

To Encourage Creativity

If you want to have a successful business that’s based on innovation and creativity, it is important to hire people with different perspectives and levels of expertise to ‘cross-pollinate’ the organisation with new ideas. Team building tasks that are out of the ordinary allow employees to use their imagination to develop creative solutions and help send the message that creativity and bouncing ideas off each other in the workplace is actually welcome.

To Boost Positive Reinforcement

Team building activities can also be used for providing recognition to employees by highlighting the work done by specific employees as well as the behaviours that have led to the recipient actually getting the recognition. If you incorporate recognition into your team building activities you help send a strong message to all attendees about your company values as well as what that means to your organisation’s success.

To Improve Communication

Improved communication between employees is probably the key benefit of a team building activity that’s properly planned. Fun, enjoyable activities help employees to get to know each other, understand each other better, and breaks down the walls of mistrust by encouraging participants to focus on what they actually have in common as opposed to their differences.

Team building activities can be one of the most powerful ways to develop collaboration and cultivate trust, nurture strengths, improve motivation, and address weaknesses. However, they should ideally have a real purpose and planned properly to make a genuine impact as opposed to simply providing a ‘nice day away from the office and office activities’ for your employees – let’s save that for the kids adventure parties!