Cards Made It All Warmer

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My coffee business has been seeing a bit of an upturn as of recently. I have a shop where I grind and brew coffee beans for customers, and initially it had a bit of trouble competing with the other bigger coffee stores and chains that are in the area. I thought that I might have to close down if I didn’t see some kind of increase in customers. Then I started handing out Christmas cards that I ordered from and then more people started to come to my shop. It was like more people started to notice that my shop even existed because of the cards, which I thought was funny, because it wasn’t like my shop was hidden away.

The cards aren’t like your average cards that you get from the store and hand to your friends and your family at the last minute. These cards have my special shop logo on them and have a coffee color that really makes people think that they’re going to get a cup of coffee. If I were going to get a card from someone, I would at least like it to remind me of something that I liked the most to drink in the world. I think it’s also the fact that people don’t expect to get a card from their coffee shop that they want to keep coming back.

I actually can’t think of any time that a company has given me a Christmas card for my business. Out of all of the restaurants and shops that I’ve gone to, none of them have thought of me in that kind of way. That’s why people come, because they feel that I care about their business and them as a whole. I’ll talk with all of the customers that come to my shop and learn about them and how their lives are going while they’re enjoying the coffee.