How to Find Employment in Today’s Market – 1st Tip – Networking

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Finding a job is hard work. It is a full-time job in and of itself. Thankfully, there are tips available on how to find employment in today’s struggling economy one such suggestion – Networking.

Networking is critical in your job search. You are less likely to be hired for your knowledge and experience alone than you are for who you know.

60% of people are employed because of an acquaintance. Learn how to find employment through multiple channels of networking.


Social Networks online. Every day there are more and more online social networks. Whatever your interests are, odds are, there is at least one blog, chat room or message board for you.

Google it. Search online for your previous schools, sports teams, organizations, volunteer groups or in シンガポール 就職. You will see search results from some interactive sites offering you an opportunity to connect.

Don’t be selfish. Participate in the conversations on the message board. Be respectful of other’s posts and answer politely. Do not consume the message board with comments and answers solely about yourself. People are likely to return your generosity if you lend helpful advice. Before long, you will have a new group of friends.

Join diverse シンガポール 就職情報. You know people from all walks of life. Make an effort to associate with a variety of people online as well. Sign up and participate in multiple sites and message boards.

Webinars, online courses. Classes, courses, webinars, and telesummits are available both locally and online. Even though you will not meet your peers in person, you still have a chance to interact with them in discussion groups.

Share your need. Post your status, tweet your requests, pin your purpose and link up with others. Now that you have made your contacts it is time to share with your “friends” your need for assistance in your job search. As always, do not hesitate to offer up your help to them.

Appreciate your contacts. The value of your online friendships should not be overlooked. People are more likely to spend a few moments responding to you online than meet up with you in person and take up more valuable time

Person to Person

Spread The Word. Tell all your friends and relatives you are looking for work. They will never know if you do not tell them.

Take the initiative. People do not like to out-step their boundaries, therefore will often hesitate to get involved in your job search. Give them an invitation by asking them for help. Be courteous if someone turns you down. They may not mean it personally but are probably uncomfortable helping. Always, return the favor if you can.

Lend a hand. Set an example; help others whenever you have a chance. Others are more likely to reciprocate if you have helped them.

Involve yourself. You are more likely to make beneficial connections the more people you know. Look for opportunities. They are everywhere. Try and make additional connections beyond just your family and friends. Socialize with church members, neighbors and parents from your child’s school and let them know you are hunting for a job. Participate in extracurricular activities to create more opportunity.

Be a Volunteer. Start up an organization, party, benefit or fundraiser for a local charity. Offer to participate in the provincial election to help support your political party. Join a sports league. Contact your Alma mater to become part of the alumni association. The important thing is you are getting involved and meeting more people, what you participate in does not matter quite as much.

Introduce yourself. There are probably many individuals you have never officially met, yet have direct contact with daily: your mail carrier, local cashier, or bank teller. Make a point to smile and introduce yourself. Take advantage of every opportunity to build an amicable relationship.

Attend a seminar シンガポール転職情報. Signup for a local course, one in your chosen field, and contribute to discussion groups. You will boost your resume while meeting like-minded individuals.