Instagram is the Home Of Today’s Fashion

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Fashion is all about art. It is all about having a style and knowing how to behave in public boldly wearing what you chose. Of course, we’re talking about everyday street fashion and about shows where designers show off with their creativity.

In the world of the internet, real life is nothing more than just a stage where fashion gurus are posing for their fans. And on the internet, there are different theatres where you can find and follow your kind of fashion influencers.

One of the most popular social networks globally is Instagram. With more than a billion active users, this social network is on top of all the others. However, when it comes to fashion, it is the number one network. All popular and famous fashion bloggers own an Instagram account. If you’re into this, you probably have one too and follow the ones you like the most.

Who’s on Instagram

Everyone. Everyone’s on Instagram. Starting from the most famous people in the world as the Kardashians to the mega-popular magazine Vogue. Not only people connected to designing and clothing are here, but politicians, sports stars, and businessmen.

Why Instagram became so special for fashionistas

The best part of the internet is that everyone can become a star. Sure, it’s easy for Kylie Jenner to be popular and get millions of likes on a single picture as she’s pretty and popular before she became big on Instagram. The cool part is that people without background and no experience but with lots of creativity can make something that is most liked on this social network. Like an egg. Click here to see the phenomenon of the most liked picture on Instagram.

Who are the influencers

People that are famous on Instagram are called influencers. They dress and pose for their fans daily. They usually have a bold attitude and are not afraid to experiment. That’s why people love them. This is the opportunity that the internet provides for everyone. You only need to have talent and work hard. In the end, all this can actually pay off really good. Influencers earn a lot of money by promoting some brands.

How are companies following this

Knowing that fashion lives on Instagram, companies are also creating interesting profiles online showing their brands. They have their own sites too, but Instagram is the place where they best promote the products.  Like for example. This London-based fashion brand offers its products on the website, but have used Instagram very creatively to attract more fashionistas on their pages.

Why is actually Instagram so popular among fashion lovers

Instagram is a social network based on picture posting. Unlike Twitter or Facebook where text and links are primary, this social network is focused on pictures. Their amazing photo editor and filter options allow the users to create art inside art. When a great photo with some great style is captured, it can be made even better through the photo editor. That’s why fashion bloggers love it. They are able to make some outstanding photographs that will capture their true idea and highlight the creativity they own.


History of the Instagram rise

When the app launched back in 2010, the founders didn’t have much support. However, very soon numerous investors saw the potential and helped them to build a perfect photo sharing app. It took more than 6 years for the app to reach 500 million users. Today, with more than 1 billion it is the leader of photo sharing apps and one of the most popular social networks online.

Last year the Instagram developers introduced the story option. Pictures shared with the followers that expire after 24 hours. It was about following the trends that the competition set up, but it was also something that changed the game in online advertising. It was a win-win situation for everyone. See more about the history of IG –

Fashion flourishes on Instagram

Today, all fashion bloggers and influencers enjoy their fame on Instagram. Classic users and fashion lovers, on the other hand, enjoy seeing their idols every day. Influencers are experiencing the pick of their internet fame and at the same time, they get to show how creative and stylish they can be.