Luxury Belt Designers Offering Timeless Styles

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Designer belts are one of the best accessories a man or women can own, belts have the ability to offer a timeless style, and due to their quality, remain in excellent condition for years to come. Most brands can make a premium leather belt, but offering a unique yet incognito buckle or a subtle design along the belt to make it a timeless style you’ll continue to use for years can be hard to track down. Here’s a look at four designers offering this timeless style.

Isabel Marant

A designer that combines luxury and simplicity perfectly. Isabel Marant offers a collection of simple belts for every outfit, but with a small twist on the conventional. The Lecce belt in their collection offers a plain black belt that is knotted at the front rather than using an expected metal buckle. The design makes the belts noticeable, and the premium finish is perfect for any dress, plus the knot design isn’t the only way to style the belt. There are also more conventional designs to purchase where you will see a minimalist finish on each design.

Black & Brown London

A designer that specialises in belts, handmade in the UK, Black & Brown creates both simply and luxurious belts but also the more extravagate styles that are perfect for a formal occasion. With both ladies designer belts and mensluxury belts in mind, Black & Brown London only uses the finest Italian and Spanish leathers in the production of their timeless accessories. The designer can be found online, in luxury boutiques and department stores all around the UK, and celebrities such as Holly Willoughby, Alana Hadid and Rochelle Humes all wear multiple belts created by Black & Brown.


The iconic brand known throughout the fashion industry has left its mark on the belt trade. A flurry of new belts arereleased each season from Gucci, but the insignia will always remain the same, the GG black leather belt is always re-released with minor alterations. Gucci has created the perfect belt for both formal occasions and casual, it simultaneously stands out, and blends into every outfit and it uses the most beautiful materials makes it a statement piece that will often make an appearance with your outfit choices.


Initially created in the early 1900s, WtR started its brand after 20 years of creating the highest standard of clothing and accessories. WtR’s belt collection offers a great combination of modern style and elegant substance, with a wide variety of narrow belts to choose from. Their current collections offer elasticated belts that are available in on-trend colours, and the style of the belt makes the colour something you can consistently wear every autumn/winter. WtR display their belts with trousers and intend on them being used more conventionally, however, the elasticated styles will also work well with dresses to make a statement.

All these designers aren’t just offering a higher price point for their brand, the materials they source and rigorous manufacturing process means these accessories will last much longer than the lower priced choices. Belts are the perfect accessory to invest in as there more simple designs with always continue to stay on trend.