My Niece Wants Mermaid Birthday Gifts

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When I asked my niece what she wanted for her birthday, she told me anything that has mermaids on it. This was a new passion of hers that I did not know about, so I was glad I had asked. My brother told me that she had recently seen an animated classic about mermaids, and she wanted anything to do with them now. I had just ordered a pillowcase that has my husband’s favorite sports team on it, and I recall seeing something about a mermaid pillow on the same site. I went there to see what it was, and I knew instantly that it would be the perfect gift for her.

While her interests may change as she gets older, I knew that her favorite color was still orange. I was able to order her a really nice pillowcase with mermaids and orange accents on it. I know she is going to like it because it has sequins all over it, and she loves things like that too. I looked at other parts of the site to see what else they have to offer to their customers, and I was surprised at the wide variety of products there.

I looked at the jigsaw puzzles that are customized to whatever picture is sent in, and I decided to create a picture of my niece next to a mermaid on my picture editing software. It did not take me long to have the perfect finished picture, and I sent that to the company. I ordered the 315 piece rectangular puzzle, and I just know she is going to love both gifts. I think she will have a hard time deciding which mermaid gift she likes best, but I suspect it will be the pillow since she can take that to bed every night with her.