Skincare Tips For A Healthy Summer Glow  

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Looking after your skin during summer can be monotonous, especially if you’re prone to dry or irritable skin. Cleansing, toning and moisturising our skin every night can seem like a chore, but if you want to achieve a healthy summer glow, it can be necessary. We all like our skin to be healthy-looking, particularly during those summer months when your skin is constantly on show. Here are a few tips for a healthy summer glow:



Exfoliating your skin and removing dead skin cells is a way to revitalise your skin and leave it feeling refreshed. The key to a health summer glow is starting with healthy, supple skin. Use a gentle exfoliating wash that contains natural ingredients, playing special attention to avoid those with harsh toxic “beads” that can damage both your skin and the environment. Don’t just limit exfoliating to your face, try an exfoliating mitt to leave your whole body feeling rejuvenated and your legs looking great in time for summer!



Moisturising should be an essential step in your every day skincare routine. This should be done after exfoliating when your skin is ready to soak in the moisture! Suncream is an excellent moisturiser, not only does it hydrate your skin leaving it feeling soft and smooth, but also protects you from the sun and UV rays. You can use a light suncream as a moisturiser before you apply your makeup for maximum protection from the sun.


Use Aftersun Lotion

Your skin may be left a little red after spending all day in the sun, that’s why a crucial step in maintaining a great tan and summer glow is to use an Aftersun lotion. This should be done at the end of your day, after you’ve taken a shower. Use a generous amount applying in circular motions on every part of your body that has been exposed to the sun.


Get Your Highlight Right

Once you’ve established a solid skincare routine, you can start thinking about building a subtle shimmering glow! Highlighter’s have become a part of our everyday makeup routines, why not take it a step further and use some illuminating drops for an added glow? These should be used on your cheeks, collar bones and shoulders if you want to achieve the ultimate subtle healthy glow. For some added shimmer on your summer night’s out, then use some glitter makeup on your cheekbones and around the eyes.


You’re Ready

Now you’ve got your skincare routine in place, you’re ready to take on those summer months knowing your skin is in tip top shape to take on whatever the day throws at it. Remember to most of all to take care of your skin, with emphasis on protection from the sun. If you know you’ll be in the heat all day, being a suncream bottle with you. That way, you’re protected from the sun and also have a top up for your healthy glow on-hand!

Alice Porter works closely as a festival glitter makeup artist and loves to share her tips and tricks with beauty lovers.