Some of the Famous Cloud Computing Storage Service Providers

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Cloud computing storage is not at all a new technology, however for a few it will be a completely new concept and it can be a little confusing for them to understand and gain the overall idea. Storing the data over the CDN Services not at all means that your data will be floating over the clouds, it suggests that the data will be safely stored inside the cloud server that is placed a safe location or in a data center and you can access them and modify them according to your needs whenever you would like to do so with a high speed internet connection.

Now let’s talk about some of the famous data recovery malaysia storage services and where and who can access those services. Therefore, there are 4 major cloud computing storage providers that help a lot in the cloud management process:

1. Dropbox

2. Google drive

3. SugarSync

4. SkyDrive

Dropbox –

It’s a data storage or a file hosting service that provides services like the content delivery network, synchronization of files, and other client software and plug-in. It will permit you to make an individual folder on your computer and then the specific folder is synchronized by Dropbox, therefore you can view the same folder with the same content despite its being viewed on other computers. All the files present inside Dropbox can be viewed also through the mobile phone applications and websites. It is one of the major file storage provider or we can say the oldest and most successful provider.

Google drive –

Recently launched by Google it provides a free space of about 5GB as the starting plan and for higher storage space you have to pay a monthly price. It is provided up to 16TB. It will be less expensive if you ask for more space as compared to others.

SugarSync –

It’s a service that syncs various files across different computers and other devices for data backup, access, and allocation from several operating systems platforms. This is also a cloud management and cloud storage provider with a free 5GB free space, it permits you to choose several folders to synchronize to the cloud that is not provided by many others.

Microsoft’s SkyDrive – This cloud management system or we can cloud computing storage application from Microsoft provide the maximum free storage space to a user in its server that is of 7GB and more importantly it becomes cheaper for the user to upgrade to higher storage space. Microsoft has enabled the skydrive to perform various functions like we can easily create and edit an office document directly inside the Microsoft skydrive and it also provides its integration with the windows mobiles. Some other features of this service are that it is created using the much hyped HTML5 Technology and another very interesting thing is that the file size up to 300MB can be easily uploaded over the server through the drag and drop method.

You can say that Dropbox is the simplest to use and maintain, however, when you need more space then you should opt for other cloud storage applications. SkyDrive is suggested to be the most reasonably priced services.