Summer Street Trends

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The sun is out and you are probably debating about your wardrobe and the major overhaul that is overdue for this summer. You do not need to worry, as you can just use this cheat sheet on what is the current summer street trends within menswear. This way, you save time whilst looking fly on the street!

So, have a look through our top 5 summer street trends that you need to be aware of this summer!

The Return of the Graphic Tee

When we are talking about Mens Gym Shirts, we are talking abstract prints. Be it polka dots, minimalist graphic designs, florals, tropical prints (thanks to Louis Vuitton), stripes. You name it. It is all coming back this season. For the street trends, stick to logos and minimalist graphic designs, and pair it with dark colour pants for that summer subtlety.

Chunky Trainers

Thanks to the hype of Balenciaga’s Triple S, we have to accept that chunky trainers are still here to stay for the time being. So, the bigger and outlandish the trainers, the better this summer. Consider, vibrant trainers such as from the Raf Simons X Adidas collaborations, which still emulates the futuristic style. This way, you will stand out from the streets from all those who are donning Nike Air Max.

We Like Shorts shorts

Perhaps it is time to bring back leg day into your gym routine. Based on the Spring/Summer 2018 collection in Men’s fashion week, taking out those legs into your daily attire is inescapable. Even in this heat, the sun will likely to win, unfortunately. Consider shorts such as Fila’s Swim Shorts to beat the system. Look for styles and designs that are above the knee. The sportier the look, the better and fitting it is for streetwear.

Dad’s Denim

This time, Dad’s denim is also making appearances throughout the summer streets this year. So, think baggy and loose jeans (thanks again Balenciaga), and this can go well with your chunky trainers. You can always switch from shorts short to baggy style denim when the weather hits cool in the evening times too.

Check mate

Yes, this has many names and variations attached to this iconic style. No. it does not need to be reduced to just plaid shirts either. Think back to school. Consider plaid blazers or plaid pants for something different to your usual streetwear. This way you can stay youthful in your style, as this style can go to men for all ages.

Hint: You would be staying ahead when we hit Autumn/ Winter 2018 season according to GQ too. So, it’s certainly not too early to adopt this style now.

So, there we have it! We know that gym apparel is making a comeback, so we can say bye to minimalist plain shirts, and neutral tones to trainers for the time being this season. There is a homage to nostalgia based on dad’s wardrobe and classic check patterns too. Either way, take your pick.