The Top Reasons Marketing Professionals Are Choosing to Work Remotely

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More marking professionals are working from home now than ever before. It is believed that more of these professionals will start working remotely in the coming years. You may wonder why marketers are choosing to work from their homes instead of working in a traditional office. The Marketing Salary Survey of 2019 provides more insight into the many reasons these professionals have made such a change in their lives.

Less Time Spent Commuting

Many respondents agreed that spending less time commuting was one of several reasons for them to make the decision to work from home. The marketing professionals that responded to the survey were from several different areas, including London, Hertfordshire, and Essex (with most marketing manager jobs in London), and they know exactly how difficult it is to get through traffic during the workweek. Trying to commute from home to an office can take time, especially if there are a lot of other cars on the road. Traffic jams occur and can cause a lot of frustration for everyone involved.

If a person spends less time commuting, he or she can get straight to the work. As a result, the workday may end a bit sooner.

Higher Productivity Rates

Along with avoiding a commute, respondents often felt more productive when working right from home. Those working in the marketing industry often need to be creative and come up with some great ideas that work best for their clients. Because creativity is required, it helps to have these marketing professionals working in places where they can tap into their creative side and begin thinking outside the box. When working from home, marketers have that flexibility to take breaks when needed and to work when they are not being distracted by anything that is going on around them.

Availability For the Children and Loved Ones

Some marketing professionals are parents and they want to have more time to spend with their children. Although they love their jobs and the work they do, they want to have time to pick their children up from school and even take them to different types of extracurricular activities. Working remotely gives marketers that freedom to see their children more often and spend that extra quality time with them rather than depending on a sitter to do those things for them.

Aside from having more availability to care for the children, a work from home schedule gives marketers more time to spend with their loved ones. Many individuals have the responsibility of caring for an ageing or disabled loved one. If they are working from home, they will get to make a full-time income while still providing care for a loved one.

Improved Mental and Emotional Health

Research shows that roughly 54% of respondents claim to feel better when they are working from home instead of working in a traditional office. Some people naturally feel more at ease when they are at home and that is better for their mental and emotional health. Having the ability to work in a comfortable environment often means having more flexibility and a lot more control than one would normally have in an office environment. Although some people do tend to feel happier when working remotely, it can lead to loneliness and sadness for some, which is why it is still good to get out of the house when possible.

More Time For Other Things

When a marketing professional works in a traditional office, the individual may feel like all he or she does is get up, go to work, and come home without having much time to do anything else. However, those working from home often have a clearer schedule where they can make time for doctor’s appointments, trips to the fitness centre, or even grocery shopping. Having some extra time to do simple things can make such a difference for a person.

It is not hard to see why many marketing professionals are choosing to take the opportunity to work remotely from the comfort of their homes. More employers are willing to offer this flexible option to their employees as they learn about the ways in which working from home can benefit marketers.