Things to Do in Penang: A Cultural Guide

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Located on the sunny west coast of Malaysia, lies the charming island of Penang; a must-visit destination for Malaysian holidays! Food connoisseurs pay attention; Penang is the culinary heart of Malaysia, offering a myriad of traditional Malaysian dishes as well as many other Asian influences. However, in addition to many tasty delights, Penang sentral  is also one of the most interesting cultural centers in Malaysia.


You can easily visit Pulau Penang by boat, causeway link, plane or via Butterworth (which is located on the west coast of Peninsular Malaysia) where you can drive along the 8-mile Penang Bridge.

Let’s start with Georgetown. A trip to Penang will not be complete without a day of exploring the world’s largest City and UNESCO World Heritage site. Follow the journey back in time as you stroll through mystical temples, ancient streets, and intricate facades of Chinese shops. Or as an alternative, you can experience local travel by taking a becak tour through beautiful buildings and around the city highlights.

Here are some of the main highlights of the City:

Penang Clock Tower is one of the City’s best-known icons. Standing 60 feet tall, the construction of the tower began in 1897 in honor of Queen Victoria’s Jubilee Diamond.

Just a stone’s throw from the Queen Victoria Clock Tower, Fort Cornwallis was initially built for military forces, but today the fort remains a favorite tourist spot for travelers on the Penang tour. In addition to exploring the history of the old fort, you can also take a walk around the park and open-air theater which has since been built on the castle grounds.

Like the taste of art during your trip in Penang? Why not get a culture dose during the journey to ABN AMRO Arts & amp; Culture Center in Georgetown? This gallery offers several exciting local art exhibitions, as well as holding several cultural events throughout the year.

If during your Malaysia trip, you decide to leave the City, Penang is home to various other cultural places;

West Penang

In the Western region of Penang, you can travel to Wat Chayamangkalaram; The largest Thai temple in Penang that exhibits 100-foot lying Buddha and a Burmese temple guarded by giant stone elephants.

Central Penang

If you like visiting one of the island’s most famous cultural landmarks, then why not explore Kek Lok Si temple; the largest Buddhist temple in Malaysia. Located in the Air Itam area, this temple is located above the City and offers several ornate monasteries and temples, as well as the beautiful land that surrounds it.

South Penang

Think you have seen all the temples to see? Think again. In South Penang, you will find a temple with real differences. The precisely named ‘Snake Temple’ truly speaks for itself because it is home to a type of venomous snake which, as told, is thought to occupy the complex because their natural environment was destroyed.

North Penang

Go to Batu Ferringhi in North Penang for some fantastic restaurants and beaches, as well as beautiful Butterfly Farms with more than 4000 butterflies and orchid farms.

If you are a real natural junkie, you can also visit Penang National Park which is located in the North West of the island to find local flora and fauna. For more information, contact cs travel.