When Summer Comes, New Clothes are On the Way

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When the snow, cold weather and blustery wind won’t leave, it is the perfect time to think about summer. So, let’s ditch the spring mess of wondering if it is too cool for pants or too warm for a sweater and grab the https://www.groupon.com/coupons/stores/lordandtaylor.com coupons. Summer (finally) is just around the corner and you can’t be left behind in the fashion department. This is what you know about 2018 so far. Fashion colors are pastels and primary colors. If you ever wanted to wear that tomato red silk shirt, it is time to do so this year.

Puff Sleeves are Back in Style for Summer 

Back in the day (let’s just call it the ’80s) the puffed sleeves were the in-thing wear. It didn’t matter if you were wearing high end fashion or off the rack clothes. If you are not familiar with the puff look, the sleeves do not hug your shoulders. Instead, they are some inches away from your shoulders and look like you have your sleeves a little helium.

Plaid and Checkers are the Best for Summer 

Checks are supposed to be for winter only. Plaid is for the spring only. Not anymore. It’s 2018 and both are summer-ready styles. Whether you want to add a checkered hand bag to your wardrobe or wear plaid, high-waisted shorts to look like you just came from the golf course, you can!

Fringe is Your Friend for that Wicked, Sophisticated Look for Summer
Fringe is a bulk of individual strands of material such as yarn that is placed on a garment or accessory. It has been popular during certain times like the ’60s. Now, it is back and it is replacing the boho fashion of 2017. You are going to find clothing with fringe across the necklines, on bags, on hemlines or across the middle of a dress.

Suit Shorts for a Dressy or Causal Summer Look  

Shorts. They are a godsend in the summer when it is hot. Unfortunately, you cannot really dress up some shorts besides wearing a nice blouse with them. Things have changed this summer. The suit shorts are here. These short are not made of out of your everyday denim. Most are made with silk, checkered materials or even plaid. Some are high-waisted, but all are typically tailored and stop at the knee.
Make it a Patterned Day at the Beach this Summer
You know that solid colors bikini or swimsuit that was so in style last year. It still is, but patterns are in now. Imagine those cool 60s sun-drenched, splashy and color looks swimwear. For 2018, those are elevated to include crazy swirly mash-up of prints. Rainbow patterns are in too. So are turbans.

Being a Trend Setter for Summer Starts with You.  

Trends are great. You get to show off your personality and be in style too. Remember, don’t lose your personal style. If there’s a look you loved from 2017 or even 2015, go for it. Your clothes are an expression of the great woman you are.